The Habit Tracker is intended to give you a snapshot of your team. It’s organised into two sections helpful to prioritise team development.

Team Context

The first questions give you a sense of the readiness for change. As anyone who has tried to lose weight or get fit knows - change is complex. We need to be in the right mindset to make changes stick. This is even more important when a group of us is considering change together.

  • Performance now - gives you a sense of how the team feels it is performing now. Performance required - gives you an estimate of how the team feels it needs to be performing. The difference between this is the “performance gap”. It’s useful to understand whether the team faces a small or large performance gap.

  • Motivation to improve - This score provides an indication of the appetite or motivation for change. If it’s low, it’s worth exploring why. Perhaps people feel overwhelmed and busy? Or there’s stress outside work? You’ll need to consider how and when you can get to a place where the team is motivated and has the capacity to make changes. There are techniques available in the library.

  • Psychological Safety - if this is low it indicates team members could feel more comfortable speaking up and saying what they think. The most important thing here is to genuinely listen to each other and understand why. Encouraging people to speak up will help team development. You’ll address tough issues and identify “the elephant in the room”. Techniques to support available in the library.

If the motivation to improve or psychological safety scores are low there are other things that you might consider. This is one situation where it may well be worth doing a deeper dive Team Health Check. It might be worth asking for coaching support if it’s offered at your organization.

Habits to focus on

This section gives a summary of the habits you as a team believe it makes sense to focus on. If the score is low it indicates that the team feels this habit or routines doesn’t need to be prioritised right now. If the score is high this means the team feels it’s worth investing the time to develop this habit. Remember these priorities can and should change depending on the circumstance and we recommend checking in each quarter on priorities.

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