Here is a suggested email template for you to share with your team or your organisation.

I’m keen to introduce you to a new platform that we plan to use called Saberr. The platform is designed to support managers in developing the habits and routines that lead to better team performance. It's backed by solid science & research about what distinguishes a great team from an average team.

The company has developed the platform with team coaches, UX designers, data scientists etc. and it's used in a range of knowledge intensive industries. Companies like KPMG, P&G, NatWest etc. use it to make leadership development more actionable, to develop coaching cultures and to support organisation change programmes.

The platform can support better one to one and team meetings through guides and meeting templates. There are interactive exercises for teams (to develop team purpose, goals and team behaviours etc). There’s also a range of learning content and course material related to getting the best from a team - including a personal profile that you can develop and share with others.

In particular at [xxx] we are seeking to [xxx].

What will happen next?

  • You'll receive an email from inviting you to login with your work email/calendar account.

  • The connection is handled by Cronofy, so expect to see their name on the authorisation screens.

Once you've been invited, you can login anytime at using your email address. Saberr is accessed via a web app so you won't need to download anything.

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