3 Gets is a unique model for teamwork that measures how your team scores on different levels of progression towards high performance.

The survey lets you assess your team at each of the 3 stages, by asking for everybody's views about a few key topics that are known to be crucial at each level.

To launch the survey, go to your team and click on the Survey tab, as shown below. Everyone in that team will be asked participate by rating the team across 24 questions, on a 5 point scale.

Get Set

This foundational stage covers the essentials. A team that excels at this stage will have made agreements as a team – and set aside the time to make these happen.

The first nine questions of the survey assess whether you've got these in place already.

Get Safe

Feeling safe and trusting one another. Teams who have "psychological safety" can be open in their discussions and challenges. Typically, teams will only be able to build this trust and convert it into actual performance gains if they're already scoring highly on the Get Set stage.

Get Strong

The final 7 questions of the survey look at the key parts of team strength. Once a team is safe, it's time to make use of that atmosphere to build strength and competitive edge.

Interpreting the Results

Your target is to average above 4 out of 5 for each and every question, although scores between 3.5 and 4 may be fine depending on your context. This survey doesn't just help you understand what stage of maturity your team is at, but highlights the specific areas where you can look to build. As a rough guide,

  • Scores below 3 are areas that need your attention.

  • Scores from 3.0 to 3.9 show emergent performance in that area: decent progress.

  • Score above 4.0 indicate high performance in that area, that the team can lean on.

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