Saberr's platform is delivered as a web app, and each user must have their own account. Saberr is designed to be accessed either via this web app or via integrations with platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Regardless, users will need to be able to log in to the platform in order to use it.

Device and browser requirements

  • Every user needs a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access.

  • Up to date versions of common internet browsers are supported across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android: (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Modern Microsoft Edge).
    Discontinued browsers like Internet Explorer and "Legacy" Edge are not supported.

  • If full internet access is not available, our and our suppliers' domains must be whitelisted.

Mail/Calendar account requirements

How does the calendar connection work?

Users connect their Saberr Meetings to events in their calendars – this adds the agenda-setting, note-taking, smart tips, exercises, history, and preparation notification features to any one-to-one or team meeting they'd like to improve. Integrating with existing calendars keeps life simple for users (e.g. when meetings are rescheduled) whilst adding a regular cadence of team development.

Is the calendar integration mandatory?

No – however it is beneficial. The key points of performance development happen in meetings, so Saberr targets those moments. The calendar integration is how Saberr knows when to ask users to take action.

Who has access to the calendars?

Calendar data can be very private; and integrating with them is complex. We use Cronofy to handle the calendar connections, because they specialise in handling sensitive calendar data and have been through rigorous quality certifications. Each user authorises Cronofy to access their Google/Microsoft calendar. Saberr do not directly access user calendars – instead, Saberr has a Read Only connection to Cronofy and never modifies or adds events to users' calendars. Individual users can only see their own calendar events, and when they connect a calendar event to a meeting it updates the meeting schedule for all participants.

Ability to meet requirements

  • To have meetings, users must be able to meet either in-person or virtually, with video and screen-share ability. Any video-conferencing software works without integration; users of Microsoft Teams have extra convenience features.

Optional integrations

  • Users can access Saberr entirely through Microsoft Teams (mobile, desktop or web clients) rather than the browser.

  • Users can receive notifications and quick actions through Microsoft Teams or Slack.

  • Users can pin Saberr as a home-screen app on their smartphones.

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