Team meetings are best when there is a clear agenda of talking points. Ideally, participants should be able to contribute to the agenda beforehand. Saberr helps you set the agenda, explore new topics, and keep notes.

1. Create a team in Saberr

If you haven't already done so, go to the Teams tab to create a new team.

2. Add a team meeting and create an agenda

You can add a team meeting for any of the teams you belong to. This will give you the option to create your own agenda from scratch or to choose from a template.

3. Connect your calendar

Do you already have the meeting scheduled in your calendar app (Google Calendar, or Office 365)? If so, all you need to do it link Saberr to that meeting. 

Click Connect to Calendar Event and find the right meeting. Saberr will try to find the best matching events for you, based on who is invited. 

This way, attendees will get timely emails about your upcoming meetings, with reminders to create and review your shared agendas.

4. Record notes

Any participant can take notes in Saberr during or after the meeting. 

  • This way, the whole team can check the shared notes if they need a reminder of what was discussed. 

  • Saberr keeps a history of your shared and private notes, in one handy place.

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