Where this privacy notice applies

You can set up CoachBot to send you notifications, and use some of CoachBot's features, from within your workplace chat app, if you already use Microsoft Teams ("Teams") or Slack.

This is entirely optional. You might need an IT administrator to allow the installation of CoachBot's integration into your chat environment.

When you use CoachBot through Teams or Slack, you and your data are subject to the same privacy policy that covers your other usage of CoachBot.

Extra data processed when you use CoachBot through Microsoft Teams or Slack

On top of the data collected as you use the CoachBot web app, we will collect and store data about your chat environment: your choice of chat platform, your workspace and organisation identifiers, and your user profile information including your name and email address. 

If you use Slack, the plugin is installed once for all users in your workspace. So, we will process the user profiles (names and email addresses) of everybody in your Slack workspace.

We will also process any chat messages and interactions sent to the CoachBot bot/app within Slack or Teams.

We process your Teams or Slack profile data as "account data", as outlined in our full privacy policy.

Any chat messages or form responses you make while using CoachBot through Teams or Slack are treated as if they were entered into the CoachBot web app directly. They are referred to as "questionnaire data" in our full privacy policy.

Your rights

We've got an article all about your data rights and how to exercise them.

In particular, you can ask us to stop processing your Teams or Slack data alone. You can turn off Teams or Slack notifications from your CoachBot settings. You can either uninstall the CoachBot plugin from Teams or Slack.

Full privacy policy

You can also read our full legal privacy policy or general privacy for users of our services.

Contact us

If you'd like to know more, just contact us on dpo@saberr.com or via the chat widget on www.saberr.com.

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