Saberr enables two important teamwork processes: regular reflection, through retrospective exercises, and creating a Team Profile, by guiding your team through a Purpose exercise and Expected Behaviours exercise.

Get started: create a team

Set up your team, and create a Team Meeting in the platform. Link it to a calendar event to make sure everybody knows it's happening.

Use the Templates picker to find a team exercise: the Purpose one is a great place to start. Add the Exercise to your Team Meeting. It's a drag-and-drop, collaborative card-sorting exercise, and all the instructions are over there for you.

You can find many more resources in the Library.

Make it regular: connect your retrospectives to your calendar

Reflection is best done regularly – and the Retrospective exercise is the one for this. Once you're ready to start doing retrospectives regularly, create a recurring calendar event in your normal calendar app (Google calendar help, Outlook calendar help).

From your team page in the Saberr Teams tab, add a Team Meeting and click "Connect calendar event". This'll help make sure you run regular reflection exercises, with your team having time to think of discussion points in advance. You can find the Retrospective Exercise in the Templates picker or Library, as usual.

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