1:1s need to happen regularly: weekly to monthly is best. To make sure you've got CoachBot agenda-setting and note-taking help every time, set up a recurring meeting with your colleague (Google calendar help, Outlook calendar help).

Then in CoachBot, find your colleague in the People tab.

Click "Connect calendar event", and find the right event. CoachBot will try to suggest to find the most likely events, but you can see every recurring event you have coming up. 

Once connected to a recurring event, CoachBot will always show you your upcoming meetings in the Home tab. You'll also get timely reminders about setting and reviewing your agenda, in advance of each meeting.
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The Small Print

  • You'll need to have your calendar connected to CoachBot. If that's not the case, just Login to CoachBot again using your calendar and you'll be all set.
  • Note that you and your colleague "co-own" your 1:1s in CoachBot. Either of you can change the event it's linked to. It's a case of "whoever touched it last".
  • When finding your event, you'll see events with more than just you two in - we know sometimes you'll have PAs involved, or invite your whole team to the same meeting to do lots of paired 1:1s.
  • If you happen to have multiple calendars under the same account, for instance a team account and an individual account, you can toggle between them to find the calendar with the right events.

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