CoachBot's collections of talking points

When you're setting the agenda for your one-to-one, you can write your own talking points or you can choose from CoachBot's collections, which include:

  • The Ultimate 15 minute one-to-one
  • A Great First One-to-one
  • And many more... depending on what you want to achieve in your meeting!

If you select one of these collections, it will add the talking points to your agenda. You can still tweak them, remove or add your own talking points to the agenda as well.

Create your own collection of talking points

Anyone can create their very own collection. This is particularly useful if there are topics that you like to cover repeatedly in many of your one-to-ones.

To create your own collection, click "Your name's regular talking points" when you're setting an agenda. You will then have the option to "Create your own collection".

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