For teams that use CoachBot for approximately 1.5 hours per month, after 6 months they find that on average...

Team performance improves by 22%
• 31% clearer on objectives
• 19% better at tracking progress towards goals
• 43% more likely to discuss how they can improve
Employee engagement increases by 12%
Psychological safety improves by 43%
• 23% increase in how well teams feel they know each other
• Feel more comfortable bringing up problems and issues (77% agree)

“CoachBot has surfaced some of the underlying niggles in the team that are now openly being talked about. People seem happier to share their thoughts.”

“Since using CoachBot, people are more patient. We’ve become more polite on conference calls and there seems to be a better understanding among team members.”

“CoachBot was easy to use and it added value to how we operate... It’s a non-intrusive way to keep on top of things that you don't naturally do on a day to day basis.”

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