Team engagement has a positive correlation with team performance, individual employee engagement and well-being and financial returns.

  • Engaged teams produce abnormal returns, over and above those of average companies. On average, about 2 percent [more] profitability a year, so 20 percent over ten years, according Browne (2016).
  • Torrente et al. (2012) found that teamwork engagement plays a mediating role between team processes / team climate and team performance as assessed by the supervisor (i.e. healthier team processes and climates can only impact team performance to the extent that the team is engaged). Team engagement also plays a crucial role in employee health, well-being and productivity.
  • Engagement with the team is also positively related to individual work engagement (Costa et al., 2014). Vast amounts of research shows the impact of individual employee engagement on performance, innovation, absenteeism, turnover and ultimately organisational financial performance. 

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