Reflective coaching, where a team considers what has and hasn’t worked, and whether they have or haven’t worked together according to their own rules, can be an effective ongoing approach to improving effectiveness. 

Retrospectives are an approach to reflection. In CoachBot, individuals first leave Retrospective Notes and then gather as a team to discuss them in a Retrospective Session.

As a company admin, you can see a team’s usage of Retrospectives.

Great retrospectives:

  • have a balance of positive celebrations along with difficult conversations about things that could be improved. The “type of retro notes” bar chart shows this.
  • happen weekly to monthly. The “average frequency” and “number of retrospectives” results show this and the expectations for that team given when they started using CoachBot.
  • have enough material for a good discussion but don’t become tiring. “Average notes per retrospective” shows this and our guidelines for a 15–60 minute meeting.
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