Most teams’ first use of CoachBot is a Team Launch session. This session includes a quick survey ("Team Pulse") where each team member rates their team on the foundations and basics of teamwork.

The team see their survey results immediately in the session. As a company admin, you can see the aggregate results from the admin dashboard.

Every six months, teams are encouraged to retake this Team Pulse survey. This happens as an add-on to their regular Retrospective Sessions. You can see the evolution of they Team Pulse scores in the admin dashboard, by clicking "Pulse History".

The 6 key indicators are:

  • How clear the team are on their collective purpose. Teams can do a Purpose Session to improve this.
  • How clear the team are on their Agreed Behaviours. Teams can do a Behaviours Session and regular Behaviours Review Sessions to improve this. 
  • How clear the team are on their goals and how to achieve them. Team can use the Goals Board to improve this.
  • How “psychologically safe” the team feel, comfortable their team is a safe space to raise concerns, questions, and challenges.
  • How regularly the team reflect on their teamwork. Teams can leave Retrospective Notes, run Retrospective Sessions, and use structured One-to-Ones to improve this.
  • The team's perception of their current performance.

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