By inputting your company values into CoachBot, they will show as inspiration when teams get together to discuss and agree their team behaviours.

Put your company values into CoachBot

Login to CoachBot, go to your Company Dashboard and click Org Settings. You can enter your company values here.

How will company values show up in a team behaviours session?

You may remember how CoachBot's behaviours-setting session asks everyone in the team to discuss examples of the worst team behaviours. 

If you've put your company values in CoachBot, they will be shown at this point so that employees can contribute 'worst behaviours' specific to your company values.

(To learn more about the behaviours session, please see this guide.)

How does this help?

It's a great way to encourage teams to discuss how your company values applies to them specifically and therefore, make them live across the organisation.

This is one of the ways that CoachBot helps companies become more aligned.

Admins will also be able to see which of the company values were used the most.

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