If you've planned to use CoachBot for a one-to-one or for a team session, you've probably created a calendar invite for it.

By simply adding meeting@gocoachbot.com to that invite as an attendee, your colleagues will receive timely reminders telling them what to expect and any actions required on their part.

Three quick tips

1. Make sure the invitation includes the type of CoachBot session anywhere in the title, description or agenda (e.g. behaviours, purpose, goals, retrospective or one-to-one).

2. CoachBot will use attendees emails to figure out which team it's for (for team sessions). But remember, this only works with colleagues who are using CoachBot. 

3. When you make your event, make sure that the meeting@gocoachbot.com attendee has permissions to see other attendees. For example, in Google Calendar you'd select "Guest can ✓ See guest list". If you use Outlook, adding CoachBot to an existing recurring event will not let CoachBot see the attendees, so you'll need to create a brand new recurring event series.

Don't worry - CoachBot will let you know if it's not sure which team or type of session you were trying to set up. If you're having any difficulties, email us at support@saberr.com or get in touch via the online chat. 

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