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Data Privacy for users of CoachBot (outdated)
Data Privacy for users of CoachBot (outdated)
Click to read: How and why we process your personal data when you use our software and services.
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Data we're given about you

Your name and email address. Your employer, potential employer, team leader or somebody like a coach might give us the details needed to create an account for you.

We make your account at the request of our customer, who you are associated with in some way.

In some cases our customer might give us extra data about you, including demographic data or work performance data. These are used for specific projects where we process these data for our customer.

Data you give us

Any data you enter into our apps, like survey responses, chats with bots, comments. We (Saberr) are the data controller for these, rather than our customer. That means that your employer can't demand to see the raw data you submit. We keep these data for as long as your account is part of one of our customers' user groups, and for a limited time after that. 

You might also communicate with us directly via email or support messages, and we use those messages to reply to you. We keep these data for 12 to 24 months after the year-end.

We process these data because we are interested in offering our service to you as user.  

Data we collect about you

We keep logs and analytics about how you use our tools and website. This includes page views, clicks, times of use, location. We collect information about how and when you view and interact with any emails we send you so that we can improve our messaging over time.

We process these data because we are interested in improving our service. We keep these data for up to 14 months after your last use.

Data we share with other people

Our customers buy our services to improve teamwork. This requires showing team leaders, company leaders and coaches aggregated reports based on the answers you give in the apps. Once these reports are delivered to our customer, they control the reports data.

Our customers also need to see the success of our service, so we share aggregated data about the users they've brought to our service.

We also use various services to help run and monitor our service. This includes third party analytics companies, database and server providers, support providers, email sending services. These companies either store your data in the EU or are bound by the Privacy Shield agreements.

We process these data because we are interested in fulfilling our contracts with our customers.

How your data is stored

Most of your data is stored in databases operated by Amazon Web Services in the EU. It is encrypted in storage and while being transferred. Access to the database is controlled and logged.

Profiling you based on data

When you use a psychometric tool, like Base or a personality profile, attributes about you are being inferred from your data. Parts of our apps include personality profiles, based on the Five Factor Model of personality and values profiles, based on Schwartz's Universal Values framework.

We do not make any fully automated decisions of consequence based on this profiling. Our customers might use the data to make important decisions about your employment, but these are typically human decisions. If our customer were to use Saberr's reports to make fully automated decisions about you, and you or they are in the EEA, they'd have to tell you that and give you the option to object.

Your rights

You can find out about your data rights and how to exercise them in this article.
In particular, you can ask to see data we hold about you and usually ask us to stop processing your data or delete it. Sometimes we completely anonymise data rather than deleting it outright.

Full privacy policy

Our full legal privacy policy is available here

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