Your first team session in CoachBot is the Team Launch. 

Schedule 30 minutes in the teams' diaries
The whole team should get together, either on a video-call or face-to-face. Everyone will need an internet device to take part.
If you'd like to tell your team what to expect, copy this template.

Start the Team Launch
Log in to CoachBot and share your screen with the rest of the team (screen-share if you're doing this remotely). Click 'Start Team Launch'.

CoachBot will guide you through;

1 - some slides about how you'll use CoachBot
2 - a survey for everybody to answer on their own phone or computer

3 - your survey answers, and a discussion based on them. That all helps choose one of the three foundation sessions for your team.

4 - In the end, you'll have learned about CoachBot's One To Ones, Retrospectives, made a commitment to each other to use CoachBot for develop and picked a journey to begin with.

And that's your set-up complete! Videos and information on how CoachBot works can be found in our user guide.

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