Saberr works pretty much in the same way for remote teams as for co-located teams!  The most important thing is for your screen to be visible to everyone and to include everyone in the conversation.

  1. Use your favourite video-call software (we use Zoom). Make sure you can all hear each other clearly and ideally, see each other.

  2. Team champion, share your screen and read instructions out loud. Saberr reminds you to do this anyway. Done!

Why video on?

Seeing each others' faces, smiles and frowns helps build stronger relationships in the team, focuses people on the call and diminishes multi-tasking distractions.

How about hybrid teams (part of the team is co-located and others are remote)?

If part of the team is in the same room and others join remotely, there is a tendency to exclude remote participants. To level the playing field, we advise everyone to join the video-call separately, as if everyone were remote.


  • We tend to have a shorter attention span for video-calls than face to face meetings. Saberr sessions tend to last just 45-90 minutes but can sometimes go over. If you feel the energy slipping, take a quick break and resume the session.

  • Saberr sessions are designed to bring each team members' input forward. But the team should still be aware of allowing everyone to be heard during the session. Involve participants who have been quiet and don't assume silence means consensus.

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