Why do one to ones?

One to one meetings are for building trust and alignment, giving and getting feedback and having tough conversations.

They're best if you come prepared and end with some actions. CoachBot helps you set the agenda, explore new topics, and keep notes.

CoachBot one to ones are based around shared agendas

The ideal agenda is set in advance, by both people, and includes both work and more personal topics. CoachBot offers suggestions for talking points to help you have meaningful conversations.

Setting up a one to one

You can set up one to ones with anybody from your CoachBot teams, at https://coachbot.saberr.com/one-to-ones
Just press "Add to agenda" to get started (and then ask your colleague to do the same). CoachBot will remind you by email to find time to have the conversation.

Linking to meeting times in your usual calendar

Since most people schedule one to ones in their calendar app or service, CoachBot integrates with that. Linking to your calendar lets CoachBot send you and your colleagues timely reminders about contributing to and discussing your agendas.

In your calendar app (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar), create a new event. Invite your teammate or colleague, and also invite meeting@gocoachbot.com

You can add talking points to the agenda at any time in CoachBot's One-to-ones tab, or CoachBot will email you both the day before your scheduled meeting.

The agenda is shown in CoachBot and emailed to you both an hour before you meet.

Making notes and actions

The best meetings end with actions or reflections. Shared notes on your CoachBot agenda let you note down actions you've agreed. Both participants can edit these notes at any time. Private notes are great for noting down your reflections on a meeting, and any personal actions you take away from it. You each have a separate private note for each meeting. 

After a meeting

Once you've met and discussed your talking points, make sure to press "End meeting", so that CoachBot knows that agenda is complete. You can get look back through past agendas within CoachBot, and a new empty agenda will be created right away for your next conversation.

If you miss a meeting or forget to press End Meeting, CoachBot will keep the agenda for next time, or remind you by email to find some time together.


Do I have to link my calendar?
No, you can write agendas without planning meeting times or inviting CoachBot to them.

What calendar services are supported?

All popular digital calendars are supported. If you're used to sending calendar invites to other people, then your invites will work with CoachBot. For example, Apple's iCloud calendar apps, Microsoft's Exchange, Outlook, and Office 365, and Google's calendar services all send compatible invites.

Can I have one-to-ones with people outside my team?
Yes, as long as they're also a user of CoachBot. You have to use the calendar integration to set these up.

What's on the agenda?
CoachBot suggests you add work topics as well as personal topics. Leaving talking points is optional, but one-to-ones are the best place to have private and difficult conversations and that's what CoachBot helps you do. The ideal agenda for a one-to-one is definitely not just a status update - it's a conversation where you say everything you need to. The suggested talking points will give you an idea of what is typically discussed on great one to ones.

My calendar invite didn't seem to work. What's wrong?
Usually CoachBot will email you back and tell you if there's a problem. If so, CoachBot will also remove itself from your event.
The most common reason is that the email address CoachBot has for you or your colleague is different from the email address you used in the calendar invitation.

If you're not sure which email address CoachBot has for yourself, search your email inboxes for "from: coachbot@saberr.com" to see. Just contact us (support@saberr.com) if you'd like help or to change/add email addresses, or you need to know the right email address for a colleague.

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