One-to-ones are best if both parties come prepared with agenda topics and end with some actions. Saberr helps you set the agenda, explore new topics, and keep notes.

The ideal agenda is set in advance, by both people, and includes thoughtful questions that lead to meaningful conversations. You can add a collection of talking points, choose from Saberr's suggested talking points, or enter your own.

1. Set up a one-to-one in your calendar

In your calendar app (Google Calendar, or Office 365), create a recurring event. Invite your teammate or colleague. 1:1s are best done weekly to monthly.

2. Set up your 1:1 in Saberr

In Saberr, invite your colleague (from your People tab, by clicking on the + sign). 

From the People tab, select your colleague. Click "Connect calendar event" and find your shared meeting. Saberr will try to find the best matching events for you.

You'll now get timely emails about your upcoming 1:1s, with reminders to create and review your shared agendas.

3. Create your agenda for each meeting

You can add to your upcoming agendas any time, from the People tab in Saberr, or via the emails you'll get from

You can add anything you'd like to discuss, or pick from Saberr's suggestions:

You can also add entire collections of talking points. Saberr has some great suggestions for different scenarios, and your company may have set up its own suggestions for what they'd like you to discuss.

4. Making notes and actions during your meeting

The best meetings end with actions or reflections. Shared notes on your Saberr agenda let you note down actions you've agreed. Both participants can edit these notes at any time. Private notes are great for noting down your reflections on a meeting, and any personal actions you take away from it. You each have a separate private note for each meeting. 

5. After a meeting

Once you've met and discussed your talking points, make sure to press "End meeting", so that Saberr knows that agenda is complete. You can look back through past agendas within Saberr, and a new empty agenda will be created right away for your next conversation.

If you miss a meeting or forget to press End Meeting, Saberr will keep the agenda for next time, or remind you by email to find some time together.

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