1. Set up a meeting with your team

Book an hour with your team. Let them know they’ll need to bring a smartphone or laptop along with them to participate. If your team is remote, just have them dial in.

2. Team champion: when everyone is together, start the session

  • Log in to Saberr (https://coachbot.saberr.com/)  and select the "Define your purpose" session from the Toolbox.
  • Make sure everyone can see your screen - hook your computer up to a monitor or share your screen if your team is remote.
  • Only one person should launch the session, presumably the team champion but someone else can do it in their absence.

3. In the session

  • The session is made up of interactive slides. Team champion, please read out the slides. 
  • Then Saberr will ask everyone to individually participate by using their devices to follow a link and answer three quick questions and vote on their favourite answers. The team champion should also do this - on a different device to the shared main screen. 
  • When everyone is done with a question there will be check-marked avatars at the top of the slide. The team champion should click continue on the main screen and everyone else can then answer the next question.
  • Saberr will then ask the team to discuss and agree on a purpose statement together, using the best answers to the three questions.

Don't worry - Saberr will do most of the work and this will all be explained as you go along, but feel free to take a look in advance if you're curious!

If you have any questions, just get in touch via the chat or at support@saberr.com.

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