1. Create a team in Saberr

If you haven't already done so, go to the Teams tab to create a new team.

2. Add an Exercise, from the Templates picker

You can see all the instructions for each Exercise in the preview.

3. Connect your calendar

Do you already have the meeting scheduled in you calendar (Google Calendar, or Office 365) for retrospectives or team development conversations? If so, all you need to do is link Saberr to that meeting.

Click Connect to Calendar Event and find the right meeting. Saberr will try to find the best matching events for you, based on who is invited.

This will set up reminders for everybody to leave retrospective notes in advance of your sessions.

4. Leave ideas (e.g. retrospective notes) anytime

Anybody in the team can contribute to Exercises in advance, by finding the Meeting themselves.

This is particularly handy for Retrospectives, since it just takes a minute to leave a retro note and the best time to make a note is when something noteworthy happens!

5. In the exercise session, when you're together

Just return to the Meeting and open the Exercise. Either screenshare, or make sure everybody has it open. Follow the guide for the steps of each exercise.

You can make notes, either shared or private, in the main Meeting card – e.g. if any actions come up.

6. Save your agreements

Some Exercises guide to create specific formats of output: a purpose statement, goals, or team behaviours; that can be saved to your Team Profile.

7. Advanced: invite people to an Exercise who aren't in your Meeting

If you're working with an external collaborator for a short while, or are having somebody from outside your team facilitate your Exercise, you can add them as an Exercise Participant.

They must already be a member of your Company, so you might need to ask a Company Admin to invite them first.

The external person can join your Exercise by clicking "Join an exercise" in the platform's main navigation bar.

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