1. Schedule a regular retrospective 

Effective reflection happens regularly. Take a moment now to find a time that works with your existing meeting schedule, 30 minutes every 2 weeks or 1 hour once a month is ideal.

  • ¬†Include the word retro or retrospective somewhere in your regular calendar invite (whether in the description, agenda or title).
  • Add meetings@gocoachbot.com as an attendee.¬†

This way the team will receive an email the day before your scheduled meeting, reminding them to leave any notes now!

2. Leave notes for your team's next retrospective

You can leave a note at any time from your Team Canvas or via a link in CoachBot's reminders. On the canvas, you can also see how many people have contributed.

3. Hold the retrospective

Get your team together, whether face to face or virtually. Start the retrospective from the Team Canvas. CoachBot will step you through the notes and record any actions.

4. Find agreed actions in your inbox

CoachBot sends the whole team a summary email at the end of the retrospective so you can come back to see the discussion and any agreed actions.

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