Research shows that retrospectives are one the most important things a high performing team can do. In Agile teams they often happen on a regular cadence (say every 2 or 3 weeks), in short term project teams there are often mid and end of project "learnings" sessions, and in coached teams they may be referred to as team reflections.

The main goal of them is for the team to have the space and time to talk about itself and how it works together, without focusing on the specific work. The team can then use learnings and suggestions to experiment its way to a better way of working. For example, it may decide to abandon a particular process, or experiment with a new tool.

How are CoachBot retrospectives different to Agile retrospectives?

They are very similar, but you've collected the team's input before you start the retrospective.

In Agile, it is often the case that a team has to try and remember the things they want to discuss during the actual retrospective. With CoachBot the team is reminded of the retrospective via weekly emails (and a dedicated place on the Team Canvas), and so it always collects notes for the next one.

This means that in CoachBot you already have areas of teamwork that need discussing before you start the retrospective.

After that it is very similar and the team discusses celebrations, learnings and improvements it can try.

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