Each team needs a champion. This will typically be the manager of the team, although the manager can delegate the role to another team member if they wish to.

The team champion will take ownership of CoachBot for their team and be in charge of;

  • putting a time in the team's calendars to use CoachBot 
  • sharing their screen with the rest of the team during sessions 
  • reading out and following CoachBot instructions where necessary

But CoachBot will make it all very easy and clear as you go along!

If the team champion is unavailable, anyone else from the team will still be able to run a session and access information from the team canvas. But they won't get some of the emails which are sent to the team champion only. 

If you wish to change the team champion, just write to us at support@saberr.com and we'll update it in our system right away. 

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