Teams are created by an administrator at your company, but they might have decided to let you invite the rest of your team.

If you've been tasked with doing that, you just need their names and email addresses. You'll be the team champion (usually the manager). You can read more on what the team's champion does.

You can log in to CoachBot from, and manage your team by clicking the "Team settings" link from the canvas.

Add your team one by one.

If you need any help or guidance, get in touch at

Top tip: Make sure employees are grouped into real teams

If you're using CoachBot with your whole division or organisation think about the best way to structure people into teams of 3-12.

In some cases this may be obvious, but in others you may need to give it some thought. Consider whether the teams have common goals and whether they collaborate to achieve these goals. That's where CoachBot will have the greatest impact!

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