The Base profile gives you an excellent overview of your team composition and detailed data on your relationships, making it a great starting point to improve team performance. 

Individual awareness - When individuals become more aware of their personality and values it helps them increase self awareness. Awareness of our values helps us to make choices with which we feel comfortable. Self awareness a first step in team development. 

Pairs exercises - Base can help pairs working in a team collaborate. Pairs that might have had difficulties working well together can identify more concretely the cause of blockages. These might be personality related but are more likely to be related to values. Base provides a common language for understanding for discussing any potential difficulties.

Team workshops - What are the strongly held values of the team? What are the dominant personality traits? Do we have gaps in the team in terms of roles that need to be filled? How do we set goals in accordance with our values? How do we make our team an inclusive environment?

Inter-team collaboration - Sometimes teams need to cooperate with each other. Base offers a clear idea of the drivers behind each team. This can be used to increase understanding and foster collaboration.

Company values - A healthy organisation has clear values that guide but don't dictate employee decisions. Base gives an organisation visibility of the values that drive the behaviours of their people. This enables an organisation to create, or even co-create, company values that really mean something to team members, making them easier to embed and change culture for the better.

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