It's a good idea to give employees a heads up before they receive invitations to take the survey. Here is a template you may like to send to employees if you're using Base for team development. If you're using Base for Hiring, see here instead.

What is Saberr Base?
Saberr is a digital tool that helps teams work better together by understanding relationships between team members. The aim is to find out what makes you tick - we want to learn more about what drives us all so we can understand each other better.


  • You will receive an email from with the subject You are invited to Saberr. This links to a 15 minute survey which can be completed on any device.  
  • There’s no right or wrong answers and we’re not testing you so please answer honestly so we get the most accurate picture of our current culture.
  • After we’ve completed the survey, Saberr can provide tips and exercises to help us improve our team dynamics and understand each other’s motivations.

Because we want to make teamwork easier. Understanding the differences in our motivations helps us see what's important to us and what drives our behaviour. This can lead to more honest communication, easier decision making and most importantly, a team that gets along! It’ll make working here better for all of us.

Who sees my answers?
Nobody can see your answers to the questions. Those answers will be aggregated into a report about our your values and personality, as well as a team report. 

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