GDPR is a new set of regulations to make sure people's data is kept private and secure. 

We asked a lawyer to do a GDPR readiness audit for us, and we've since:

  • created a new privacy policy which is clearer about the types of data we process, why we process them, and how long we keep them for.

  • formalised in contracts how our own service providers process the data of our customers.

  • created short and clear privacy notices for our users and web visitors.

  • made more formal processes for how and when personal data should be deleted, and how we'll act if something goes wrong. 

  • appointed a Data Protection Officer (

We haven't had to change the basic ways we treat personal data, so there aren't really any big changes to announce 🤷️. If you'd like to know more, just contact us on or via the chat widget on

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