If you visit our website, we might collect some data about you.

Data about how you use the website

We collect usage data about website visitors, like where you are, which website you came from, what internet browser you're using and which pages you look at. 

We do this because we're interested in making our website better and clearer.

Some of this data collection uses Cookies, which you can manage.

We store usage data for up to 14 months after you last visit our website.

Data when you contact us

If you use our live chat or contact form, or email us, we will store data about who you are. This is so that we can reply to your questions and because we are interested in building a customer relationship with you.

We'll store this data for at between 12 to 24 months after the year-end.

Some of your data will be stored by our service providers who are outside the EU, who operate under the Privacy Shield data protection scheme and other applicable mechanisms for ensuring adequate protection of your data outside the EEA.

Data when you subscribe to our newsletters

If you join one of our email newsletters, we will store your contact details and send you newsletters. You can unsubscribe at any time from the bottom of the emails, or contact us.

If our emails to you start bouncing, we will start to remove your contact data after 3 message bounces happen. This usually happens if you stop working for a company and therefore no longer have your email account there.

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