Our Data Protection Offcier

You can contact Saberr's Data Protection Officer by email at dpo@saberr.com 

If you want to submit request data about you ("a data subject access request"), contact the DPO.

Exercising your rights

We will reply within 30 days of any reasonable request about exercising your data rights. There isn't be a fee unless you make repeated requests about the same data.

Understanding what we do with your data

You have a basic right to understand why we hold your data. This should be clear from the emails and in-app message you see, or from these Privacy articles. You can also contact us to ask for more information to help you understand why and how we process your data. 

Seeing your data and taking it elsewhere 

You can ask us for a copy of all the personally identifiable data we hold about you. You will have to prove you really are you, and we'll send it to you in a format which is both human- and machine-readable where possible (e.g. JSON or CSV). This means some of it might be usable by another service that does similar things to ours. If you tell us where you'd like to take your data, we will try to help making it compatible. This doesn't mean that one of our customers can get all of the raw personal data about their employees, for example. 

Deleting or correcting your data

You can ask us to delete data we hold about you. In some cases we may have to keep your data for legal reasons. When we delete your data, it means we no longer hold data that identifies you personally. Some of your data, like survey responses, may be irreversibly anonymised rather than completely deleted.

You can also correct any incorrect data we hold about you, either by editing your data in our services or by contacting us. 

Stopping us from using your data

Instead of removing your data, you can ask us stop processing it. How we do that depends on the data in question and why we collected it.

In most cases, we process data because we have a legitimate interest in providing our service to you. In those cases, you can object to us doing so. If we're processing data because we have your explicit consent, you can also withdraw consent at any time. 

Preventing marketing contacts from us

If you receive direct marketing communications from us, you can unsubscribe from any emails in the email footer. You can also contact us to remove you from any mailing lists you are subscribed to.  

Right to not be evaluated on the basis of automated processing

When you use a psychometric tool, like Base or a personality profile, attributes about you are being inferred from your data. Parts of our apps include personality and values profiles.

We do not make any fully automated decisions of consequence based on this profiling. Our customers might use the data to make important decisions about your employment, but these are typically human decisions. If our customer were to use Saberr's reports to make fully automated decisions about you, and you or they are in the EEA, they'd have to tell you that and give you the option to object. 

Not being part of research

We conduct research about teamwork, but you can object to us using your data for this on the ground of your particular situation. 

Raising a concern if we weren't able to help

We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office, and our registration entry is at https://ico.org.uk/ESDWebPages/Entry/ZA171042

If you aren't happy with the way we've handled your data or requests, you can raise concerns with the ICO here: https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/raising-concerns/

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