Personnel practices

All Saberr's employees and partners follow a security policy to keep everybody's data secure.


  • Your data is encrypted at rest in our databases.

  • Our systems interoperate inside a Virtual Private Cloud, and your data is always encrypted "in flight" outside of that. 

  • All of our apps and APIs use HTTPS, and if you try to use insecure HTTP you'll be automatically redirected.

  • We use various methods to protect data against brute-force attacks

  • We keep rolling backups of databases, to prevent permanent data loss.

In our apps  

  • Base enforces strong passwords for users, whilst CoachBot is passwordless and you log in by getting an email. 

  • Users are assigned permissions that control who can see and change which data. 

Writing code and preventing errors

  • We use and review logs to identify and fix code bugs.

  • When we write new code, we review each other's code to check and improve it. 

  • We include tests for each bit of code to make sure it continues to work as expected in the future, even with unexpected or adversarial inputs. 

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