Set up an account with Saberr Base 

Before you can screen candidates against your existing teams, you need to set up those teams in Saberr and invite employees to take the survey (see how).

Request your API key

Contact us and request your API key for Workable.

Add your API key into Workable

  1. Login to Workable and access the Integrations section by clicking your profile icon in the upper right (you must be an admin in the Workable account).
  2. Locate Saberr in the list of integrations and click on it to reveal a menu.
  3. Paste the API key into the key field that appears and click Update Settings.

Add the Saberr Base survey to a specific stage

The teams you created in Saberr Base to begin with will now appear as assessment tests so you can add them to a specific stage in your jobs in Workable (see how). 

For example if the job you're hiring for is Business Analyst and your existing Analytics team has taken the Base survey, you can select it as an assessment test to screen the candidate against the right team!

When candidates arrive at that stage, you'll have the option of sending them the Saberr test and screen them against the existing team.

If you have any questions, just leave us a message by clicking the icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen or email us at

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