In order for our web based service to work from inside your company's network, please ensure the following: 


  • If whitelisting all subdomains is not possible then please whitelist,,,, and Also, and
  • Some of these urls are REST APIs so it’s important to ensure internal proxy’s are not removing important headers, such as ‘Authorization’.

Allow emails from *, * and * to reach your mail servers. 

Office 365 Administrators of companies using CoachBot:

  • We use a service called Cronofy to let CoachBot users sign in using, and connect, their calendars. To allow this for employees in your company, you can whitelist our Cronofy application using this OAuth whitelisting process.

Microsoft Teams Administrators of companies using CoachBot:

If your company wide policy is to disallow your employees installing any marketplace approved apps then you need to allow CoachBot manually.

This can be done by going to Teams admin center -> Teams app -> Manage apps ( and searching for "CoachBot". You can then mark it as allowed.

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