When more than two team members have completed the survey, the analysis of that team becomes available in the 'Teams & reports' tab. Team reports are only viewable by users that have Team admin or Org admin permission.

The report includes;

  • The team's collective value priorities.
  • Values diversity in the team.
  • The team's collective personality and how each person contributes.
  • Pair reports: select any two people to see how their values and personalities align and differ.
  • Individual reports: values and personality reports for each team member.

Check out our guide on Understanding your Saberr team report for more tips on how to make the most of your results.

We also have explanations for each of the values in Base and of the personality dimensions used.

Want a more in-depth analysis of your team?

We also offer bespoke consultancy services, designed to give you even more actionable insight into your team's data. Just get in touch via the live chat or email us at support@saberr.com.

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