The candidate's report becomes available as soon as the candidate completes the survey. 

Each candidate has access to their own individual report. Admins can also view the candidate report. To view it, find the candidate either in the Hiring section (in the role they were added to) or in the Teams section (under any team they were added to).

Here is what to do next:

1. Check the candidate's personality against the role

If you have already created a role and added the candidate to that role (via the Hiring section), then the candidate analysis will show how their personality compares to the ideal that you set. If you haven't, check out this article on how to create the role in Saberr.

You can also compare the candidate's personality to the team's collective personality or specific peoples' personalities (such as top performers).

2. Check if the candidate's values are aligned with the team's

One of the main factors that will dictates the success of a candidate is the relationships that form with their team mates.

The candidate report gives you the opportunity to assess the values alignment of a
candidate with the rest of the team. This provides a strong risk assessment regarding how easy / challenging it will be to integrate with the team.

In the Values Alignment section of the candidate report, you will also find a grid showing how aligned the candidate's values are with specific members of the team. Click on any number in the grid to see a more detailed pair report. This is especially important if these two people will need to work very closely!

If you're looking for more details this article on interpreting team reports can help.

3. Prepare for the interview

You can use the Base report to guide your interview questions and assess team fit and role fit in the recruitment process. If you'd like some ideas or tips, check out our interview guide.

Finally, we're happy to run through a candidate report with you if you'd like some help. Just contact us at

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