All analyses begin the same way - by creating a team. To create a team, log in to your account and go to your Teams tab (in the menu at the top of the page). Then click ‘Create Team’.

You’ll be prompted to include the email addresses of everyone in the team. When all individuals in the team have been added, click done, and an email notification will be sent to each individual, inviting them to complete the Saberr data collection survey.

The permissions given to each person will depend on your account settings. These are the default settings which you can easily update (see how) :

  • Users classed as Admin will be able to view results, add and remove team members across all teams.
  • Users classed as Team Leader will be able to view the team results, add and remove team members from their team only.
  • Users classed as Members will not have access to results and will not be able to edit teams (again, you can change this easily. See how).

By clicking on the team name in the ‘Teams’ tab, you'll be able to see the each team member's progress.

Note: during the creation of a team, all individuals must have an email address within the same domain as the team creator. E.g. + +

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