It's a good idea to give employees a heads up before they receive invitations to take the survey. 

Here is a template you may like to send to employees if you're using Base for Hiring.  (If you're using Base for Team Development, see here instead.) 

What is Saberr Base?
Saberr Base helps us assess the cultural contribution of candidates. Essentially it’s an online survey that tests the fit of people joining the company with the people already here!

You will receive a link to a 15 minute survey that can be completed on any device. The aim of the survey is to find out what makes you tick - we want to hire people who fit our culture and you’re an important part of our culture. There’s no right or wrong answers and we’re not testing you so please answer honestly so we get the most accurate picture of our current culture.

Because we want to understand what a candidate will bring to the team and assess the risk of future hires not fitting in.

Who sees my answers?
Nobody will see your answer to the survey questions. These answers will be aggregated into a team report and used to help us hire new employees.

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