A good team coach asks the right questions to stimulate the right conversations. CoachBot is no different. 

CoachBot Sessions
Interactive group sessions help the team set the foundations of teamwork; Purpose, Behaviours and Goals. 

CoachBot Retrospectives
CoachBot nudges the team to reflect on how they are working on a regular basis and facilitates retrospectives to discuss what they can do to improve. 

CoachBot Teamwork Survey
Teams can also take the Teamwork Survey, which assesses 29 teamwork issues which are linked to team performance.

CoachBot Library
Access to curated content and the best team exercises equips you to tackle any teamwork challenge.

Coach Community
We recognise that software can’t solve all teamwork issues. So Saberr has specialised team coaches for when the team would benefit from a human touch. 

CoachBot is a webapp which can be accessed via a URL on any device e.g mobile, tablet, desktop.

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